Bru-nO / Pixabay


About this application and system there were already few words written by me. Mostly after last purchase of Yanosik Pro. For those who don’t know what is Yanosik: it’s a system with Mobile Application for iOS and Android, and (what is most important) with dedicated hardware devices.

I’m a user of Yanosik devices in two options:

Yanosik in Europe

According to last articles in the internet, the producent says that service “is available in Europe”.

Well… it was… it doesn’t work…

Last trip to Praha and then to Berlin shown to me, that it’s next fake told by producent or internet.

This trip also shown next bugs in software:

  • Can’t use OBDII – Yanosik Connect connected to Yanosik Pro
  •  Yanosik Pro is not getting proper GPS signal at all when abroad (+50m difference at map)
  • Navigation is possible only in Poland, it is not supported in any other country
  • Search of addresses is possible only for Poland

This is very interesting, as map has been working properly. Just navigation, OBDII and warnings does not work.

I can’t imagine why, I just can’t understand that. After last disappointment described, I’m still a loyal user. Still I can see more positives then negatives of service.

In my opinion a few bad words about are pushing products in the right direction. Last two updates, are really good. However no one from their side had contact with me, what is sad. Anyway problems were solved in updates. One thing left is better hardware and a little bit more careful with releasing features promised in media.