Every product need tests. It’s clear to everyone. However not every one knows what kind of tests are important. At first there should be defined testing goals. This will allow you to achieve awareness of your needs.

During development lifecycle there may be many tests done by developers, like:

  • Unit Tests
  • Module Tests
  • Api Tests
  • Integration Tests

Those would be in a range of normal development lifecycle. The last one, Integration Tests, may be shared between developers and testers to guarantee that the same Use Cases are checked against application during development and release stage.


What do we want to test?

During Development

  • Current development Features & Scenarios
  • Regression Testing during current development process
  • Stability of environments

During and After Release

  • New Features
  • Regression
  • Update Procedure
  • Documentation

Sample Testing Lifecycle


Quick Checklist

  1. Feature & Scenario in Business are present
  2. New Feature works fine
  3. Manual Test Scenarios are defined
  4. Automatic Test Scenarios are defined
  5. There is no regression after New Feature
  6. UI – Looks & Feel is user-friendly and is acceptable
  7. Documentation is up to date
  8. Environments are stable
  9. Update does not break anything
  10. Client is happy


Manual Testing vs Automatic Testing


1. Business Scenarios for New Feature are written as User Acceptance

2. Manual Tests scenarios are defined

3. Automatic Tests scenarios are defined

Automatic – use fast method to check regression

Manual – use slow method to check regression

How to achieve smooth process

  1. Stable Environments during development for Demo
  2. Business have to be sure that can use product for a Demo to client
  3. Product has no regression bugs – Client is happy
  4. New Features are looking good – Client is happy


User Experience – is very important


Stability – check it before release and after release

Scenarios should be predefined before feature and updated after implementation.


Simple Goals in Testing Strategy

Do you think goals can help to achieve testing strategy?

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