We all know those recruiters, there are many jokes about them. Everyone met at least one on his way during work career. They are calling all the time.

Is it good or is it bad?

Well, it depends.

Even taking English Jokes away, there would be possible to describe few funny situations. Few of them I can even write by myself.

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This one I will remember for a long time. He called to me at the early morning. Hour like every other, but why so early? Even this has not forced me to hung over the connection. After quick awakening I decided to continue. So he started to talk. Problem is that when he started, it was very hard to stop him. He asked me only for a name and very shortly for technology. He even offered to switch to EN to check how I’m going with language, but second problem was that still only he was talking. Talk as a talk, everybody has to talk a little bit. Those a little bit was about 40 minutes. After the conversation (better called monologue) I didn’t knew anything about future employer, because he couldn’t tell me that due to privacy policy. But I heard that he has ambitions and started to learn programming. He learned HTML language. So, let him keep thinking that this is also a programming language. Even if I would like to translate him that not, probably I would have no chances to disturb him.

Mysterious Man

Call to me and offers a job. Can not tell me where. Can not tell me for how much. Can not tell me in what project. Can only ask me about technology and if I’m interested. She or He has NDA and it’s very important. Do I know what is NDA? If not then we can’t talk. “But maybe you will be interested?”. Yes, sure.

Call Center Style

While I’m at work, probably I have what to do. Maybe on a meeting. Maybe programming. Maybe eating lunch or drinking coffee. If I don’t answer, then in most cases I can’t talk. So… then my Unanswered List at iPhone is burning. Dozen of unanswered calls at list from few numbers. After calling back it turns out that it is the same person. It is similar to person calling while (for example) driving a car and hearing from me that I can’t talk right now and offering that I will call later. “But maybe you will be interested? Can I only tell about offer?”. No, you can’t, you are blocked on my list.

Aggressive Seller

Call me and offer a job. From unknown reason continue in very marketing way and ask for English and then for technologies. Never tell me for who and if I’m interested. After two days calling that I have passed to next recruitment step. That’s nice, however I never told that I’m interested. Good bye.

Angry Man

Sometimes call to me and everything seems to be ok. It is nice and calm, like a weather before storm. Until I would like to stop processing for any reason. Then is a lightning, how I could say “no”. It’s like hearing of old divorcée. Hey, wonder that I can say no, nothing is sure until there is agreement written. I have also no warranted job while process is ongoing.


They call, ask, call again, invite and then there is nothing. I don’t know if it was fine or not. I don’t know anything. Sometimes they call later after month or two with another proposal. Sometimes call after a month with decision and are very unhappy that I may not be interested anymore after so long time. So what? If it took so long to process then probably something is not Agile in there. That is a strong signal that I should not be interested in any proposition in future.


Has an offer. Most probably not from mine city, not in my speciality, not in my profile. But has an offer and would be glad to talk. Maybe I would be also glad to talk, but for what? About what? Perhaps about the impact of the moon phases on an ant mating season. Other topic seems to be not so interesting in offered talk. This person couldn’t even read my LinkedIn or search for details about me on social networks that thanks to Mark from Facebook are present everywhere. Mine mailbox is full of such offers and I even stopped to waste mine time to answer for them. Thanks that gmail has a spam folder. Thanks that iPhone allow to block numbers.

Professional Headhunters

There are such persons. Those one are most often written in mine contact list. If they call to me, then I can say by name: “Hey, how are you?”. No matter if this is She or He, I’m always very happy to talk with. True professionals, have concretes and know what you need and what can offer.

Interested or not

Before ask anything else, the first question is about if I am interested in job offer. If for any reason currently not interested, then always ask when they can or should call in future. Person that is professional always call later. Not wasting time is a silent agreement from the beginning.


If mine current situation allows me to continue and I’m looking for offers, professional call to me and give concrete offer with details. From the beginning I know for what company, for what role, for how much and what are the advantages of the offer. When I know details and can hear about company, future steps, environment and technologies then there is good ground to talk about what I can offer to them. Sometimes even I can tell that this may be not for me for any reason. Hard background is always a need.


When processing in recruitment, then it is important for me to be sure that company and recruiters know about me almost everything. Good questions will guarantee not only for them that I’m good candidate, but also to me that this position is for sure in mine profile.

One of the best process that I have ever seen was for few days and many hours. During this one I have attended to things like:

– pair programming

– manager talk

– group talk

– demo of employer

– logical test

For all this time there was some person with me and it was not a recruiter. However I could at any time go to recruitment side and ask additional question.


There are some of headhunters that can be called professionals. They always give to me very good feedback. Not this one in words: “sorry, we had different candidate” or “sorry, you did not fit to role”. The record was a talk for almost half an hour with person that told me about every step and details of mine good and bad results.

Assuming to overall of this advantages and disadvantages, I can tell that there are present Professional Recruiters and Headhunters and for sure they are not presenting features described in first part. Those one with described all of good skills are always treated as friends. 

Recruiter: Friend or Foe?

Do you know professional recruiter?

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