Cleaning robots are very popular these days. So I have decided to buy one: iRobot Roobma 696. Decision about that specific model was a compromise between these what I want, this what I need and financial possibilities. Finally chosen model without camera, but with WiFi available.

Small and nice for eye device seems to be a next pretender to friend of home. After one month of usage it is confirmed. This gadget is making its job ideally.

And did you clean your house today?


Nice design is a good marketing strategy for sale, but after some time of usage it will for sure not be the best looking device at home. It has many scratches and current look is suggesting that it is working very hard to keep house clean. This may be a little minus against, however we have found a place under table for him. Second one and the last minus is about plastic case: it is electrostatic, so there is need to clean it very regularly.

After unboxing there are just few steps to start using. Graphical instruction and video will guide user within setup process. Just few clicks on the phone will allow to set daily hours of work and choose most important settings. This is one of the most simplest unboxing ever. First start seems to be a little confusing and watching how it cleans suggests that it may not cover whole house. However after few days of usage it is really clean. Hours of running while being at work will make user to forgot that robot is at home. Just by the weekend it is important to remember about service cleaning of iRobot inside.


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Roomba vacuum may be also ideal present for the older persons. Without knowledge of advanced technology they can run cleaning program by pressing just one button.