Editing in GIT and display in Confluence

At NetworkedAssets we often talk about “Documentation Near The Code”. For this reason we have developed a Confluence plugin as a part of Documentation Process.

Git4C is a next generation plugin that in realtime check changes to your code fragments or documents and reender them in the Confluence.


Most notable features:

  • Vast Markdown and AsciiDoc support
  • Multiple Git authentication options
  • Native PlantUML support
  • Syntax coloring
  • Automatic table of contents generation
  • Git Tree include
  • Files filtering using glob pattern
  • Single File include from git
  • Select java method to include on page
  • Select gherkin scenario to include on page

and much more…


Use Git4C to read your Markdown documentation from the Git repository in Confluence

Native PlantUML support, Markdown and AsciiDoc

Single File Macro include any file from GIT

Code fragments and syntax highlighting

Git4C supports multi files tree with Markdown, PlantUML, AsciiDoc and code which can be easily included into your documentation.

See a single file included from your Git repository onto any confluence page and synchronize it automaticly.

Git4C allows you to put code fragments into your documentation and highlights the syntax for you.


Git4C – Git Viewer For Confluence

See plugin details at: Git Viewer for Confluence Description
User Guide: Git Viewer for Confluence User Guide
Administration Guide: Git Viewer for Confluence Administration Guide

Plugin available to download:


See documentations in Markdown:


See demo at: Confluence Demo


Video Demo of Git4C (in version 1.4)