Some time ago I was able to attend to the workshop about Flipowanie – Gabriela Borowczyk. For me as a person without any graphic abilities, it was very creative and interesting time. It is not so complicated as it seems to be at the beginning.


During this workshop I was able to get to know about very different techniques of graphical presenting. It is very good way to prepare presentations, workshops, demonstrations. Moreover it is ideal way to present some ideas or just to take notes from meetings.


Do it in everyday work

Start from this workshop, I’m using markers everyday at work and home. Just for quick notes, to visualize some ideas or to play with kids. After some time I have few favorite colors and sizes of markers. Of course mine images are not fully professional, I’m using them most often for private purposes. However it is ideal way to achieve short-term goals for problems with expressing own opinion or ideas.

Flipowanie – no it’s not so complicated

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