This one is a good introduction to the Domain Driven Design. Before starting to read or learn with another materials it’s good to see this one. First of all you have to accept, that you will never fully know what does Domain Driven Design mean. There are so many definitions present that the best way is to choose one and keep with it. Most important in my opinion is to correlate with bussines meaning of DDD.


If you say that you can understand Domain Driven Design, then probably you are wrong


Correlating concepts of DDD only with Microservices is one of the most often mistackes done by developers. There is nothing against using those concepts with monolit applications. Solution depends always on current needs.


Many informations according this topic can be found at:

DDD Comunity

If you are interested in starting with Domain Driven Design, probably also should look for:

  • CQRS (Command Query Responsibility Segregation) and CQS
  • Clean Architecture
  • Event Sourcing